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Tips for Teachers:

Click here for a summary of the New Rules! (New as of 2015)

History Day works best when incorporated into your curriculum.  You can then align your instruction to build the skills necessary for advanced work–citing sources, thesis statements, primary document research, etc.  If you are not currently utilizing History Day in the classroom, consider serving as a judge this year!  You’ll see first-hand how the competition and judging works, and you’ll also be exposed to a number of projects and resources you can bring back to your students.

Topic selection is the most important component of a History Day project!  Encourage your students to choose a topic in which they are truly interested.  This may result in a more obscure topic choice, but these projects are often more intriguing to the judges.  This also leads to more interesting research opportunities.

Be sure to set a strict timeline for your students—don’t let them wait until the last 2 weeks to work on their project!

Wikipedia is a great source for initial research and helps students build a list of keywords.  Have students Google search for their topic with the keywords “primary sources.”

Check out these Top Technology Tools for Teaching with Primary Sources.

Don’t underestimate the value of Google Docs and Drive!  Your students may save and share lists of their sources and other information.  This not only allows you to access what they’re working on for progress evaluation, but it guarantees they won’t lose their work.  A reminder on group websites: if several students are working on the Weebly site at one time, they may lose the others students’ work if they publish.  Putting the work in Google Docs allows all students to access it at the same time!

It is helpful to students if their teacher has a practical understanding of the challenges of each category.

Connect your students to research resources—both online and in your community.

Build the expectation that completed work will be revised.  Encourage your students to embrace change!  Projects should evolve with feedback, whether in the classroom or at the different levels of competition.

Show your students sample History Day projects for inspiration!

Enjoy the adventure!  The competitions are a chance for students to demonstrate what they’ve learned, and it also provides a great opportunity to develop interview skills–but it is not the most essential element History Day.  The evolution of a student’s project, and the academic and life skills they learn along the way, will stay with them much longer than a 1st place ribbon!

Online Resources:

Transform your classroom with History Day!

Don’t know where to start?  How about here!

2016 Theme Book

2016 Teacher Playbook (coming soon)

2016 Rule Book (coming soon)

Helpful worksheets & project documents from veteran History Day educators (coming soon)

Helping students succeed

Classroom connections

The Competition Phase

Evaluation Tools

Teacher training and more

If you are interested in attending a teacher workshop in Pueblo, please contact Christina Mascarenas.

Bring a speaker into your classroom to bring History Day to life!  View this list of potential speakers.

Nominate a teacher!

Library of Congress

Key Evaluation Findings

Additional Information

Program Synopsis
Learner Outcomes
Top 10
National Study

Local resources:

Pueblo City-County Library
Locations and Hours
Phone: (719) 562-5600

The Library and Academic Resource Center at CSU-Pueblo
Located at 2200 Bonforte Blvd., Pueblo, CO 81001
LARC Information: (719) 549-2451
Library Circulation Desk: (719) 549-2386
Library Research Help Desk: (719) 549-2333
ITS Help Desk: (719) 549-2002
Email: ask@csupueblo.libanswers.com
Text Message: Send to (719) 425-4045

Steelworks Center of the West
Steelworks Museum and Archives, located at 215 Canal Street Pueblo, CO 81004
Phone: (719) 564-9086

The Center for American Values
Located at 101 S Main Street in Pueblo (off of the Pueblo Riverwalk and Main Street)
Phone: (719) 543-9502

The Colorado Historical Society
Located at 1200 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203
Phone: 303-HISTORY (303-447-8679)


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