Southeastern Colorado History Day Calendar 2017-2018

  • September and October 2017
    -Support students in choosing a topic.
    -Help students decide if their project will be done individually or as a group.
    -Guide students in reading a variety of quality sources.
    -Help students narrow their topic, and encourage them to ask questions of their topic (“Can I do the amount of time allotted?” “Are there enough resources to support a research project on this topic?”).
  • October, November, and December 2017
    -Encourage students to read, read, read!
    -Students need to begin analyzing sources.
    -Help students develop a thesis.
    -Explain formulating an interpretation and presenting research.
  • February and March 2018
    -February 9, 2018: Participant and judge registration opens.
    -March 9, 2018: Participant registration closes.
    -March 13, 2018: Papers and websites due; websites closed
    -March 31, 2018: Southeastern Colorado Regional Competition, CSU-Pueblo
  • April
    -May 5, 2018: State History Day Contest, University of Colorado-Denver
  • June
    -June 10-14, 2018: National History Day Contest, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

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