Competition Photographs



Photographic evidence of a great History Day!

A small sample of our fantastic Exhibit projects:

1957652_798433240244322_1883214838876651888_o 10827958_798433120244334_4214776459351733019_o 10917193_798433170244329_1892027877987681453_o 10980160_798433080244338_8321152091873101579_o 11004631_798433673577612_6392340641771252605_o

The Performances were a sight to behold!

1545669_797343060353340_6282084387132001847_n 10888745_797343043686675_2355906115156962198_n DSC00185 (2) DSC00186 (1) DSC00210 (1) DSC00211 (1) DSC00212 (1) DSC00213 (1)

The Websites and Documentaries really impressed the judges:

DSC00196 (1) DSC00197 (1) DSC00198 (1) DSC00199 (1) DSC00200 (1) DSC00201 (1) DSC00202 (1) DSC00204 (1) DSC00206 (1) DSC00207 (1) DSC00208 (1) DSC00214 (1) DSC00215 (1)

…and where would we be without our excellent judges?

DSC00187 (1) DSC00189 (1)(1) DSC00193 (1) DSC00203 (1)

Students are recognized and rewarded for their outstanding efforts at the Awards Ceremony!

DSC00216 (1) 11041714_797475167006796_4510152418299141560_n 11046812_797475177006795_7409014225084286170_n10904427_798433400244306_3216588004994462493_o 11039224_798433476910965_7453066509063952229_o    DSC00245 (1) DSC00246 (1) DSC00247 (1)

Thank you to all participating students, teachers, judges, parents, and community members.  We’ll see you next year!


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