Teacher Resource: U.S. History in Global Perspective Text

HD Teachers: NHDC is offering a FREE online version of U.S. History in Global Perspective, a collaboration between National History Day, the History Channel, and the Longview Foundation.  From NHDC:

“This resource can be helpful in several ways. First, it will help you understand (and share with others) how NHD can be an effective tool for the 21st century classroom. The first chapter, “Teaching and Learning in the Real World” explores six competencies achieved through NHD.

This resource also offers seven essays about U.S. history from a global perspective. Each essay looks at a particular point in American history, poses primary and secondary research questions, and teaches analysis of those sources. Reading one of these essays with your class is a great way to teach source analysis.

The book is being offered FREE of charge, and can be accessed digitally here. In addition, if you would like a hard copy of the book, you can order it at www.nhd.org/cart. You will only need to pay for shipping.

Add this to your arsenal. You might find it is just what you need!”


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